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Pencil Stories

Pencil Stories is a complimentary, basic photography service we offer to one different client every month.

A minimum of 5 images are created on-site at a client’s work site. Clients get to keep additional images,

if any,  with no additional fees. 

The images created are open but are typically environmental portraits or documentations of processes. Images are generated in a photojournalistic style and can be used for social media, PR or newsletter circulations. This is suitable for our clients to update their stakeholders

Businesses interested in taking part in Pencil Stories, email us at stories@silverpencilproductions.com

Sept 2017 - BattleBrew
Oct 2017 - Exclusively Mongrels
Nov 2017 - Ivy Cubs
Child playing
Dec 2017 - BCube
Child playing
Jan 2018 - Force21
Child playing

We tell your story,

one image at a time


Tell us about your story and ideas (even if you are unsure about how to pull it off). We look forward to helping you spread your message.

Drop us a note and let us know what we can do for you. 


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Silver Pencil Productions helps you tell your stories through the visual medium. We work together with businesses and agencies to craft their message into a compelling visual story.

The start of every draft in a story is translated organically from our imagination. An idea is hastily scribbled onto a notepad with a pencil, before it slips away. At Silver Pencil, we strive to be the first tools you use to tell your story. 

The ‘silver’ in our name pays homage to photography's beginnings. In the early days of photography, silver halides made it possible to capture images permanently on film. 






We are always working to find more ways to help you share

your story